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Thank you for your submission

Thank you for submitting your details. One of our consultants will be in touch with you shortly to ask you a few simple questions to give you your free tax estimate.

To help speed up your tax return lodgement, can you please send 100 points of ID so that we can get started as soon as possible?

100 points of ID can be made up of the following:

• Passport or Birth Certificate 75 points
• Driver’s license 45 points
• Medicare card 25 points
• Bank cards 25 points
• Utility statements 25 points

If you have your latest pay slip, PAYG or group certificate ready you can send that to us as well.

You can email the documents to docs@quicktaxrefunds.com.au or you can SMS them to 0428181243. Please make sure the images you send are clear and concise. Low-resolution images may be rejected.

If you have submitted your details towards the end of the day, please give us one business day to contact you.

We look forward to helping you lodge your tax return.

Kind regards,

The Quick Tax Team.

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Oops sorry wasn’t meant to do it twice just was curious if I could see how much is in my tax, so please DONT! call because I’ve already lodged my tax return👎

can you call me asap please. I need to lodge mine and husband return. Thank you. I did last years one with you guys. Tawanda handled it.

Hi i did my tax return through your company yesterday and chose to pay $400 to receive an amount of $2000 into my bank account within 24hrs.
I still haven’t received the payment and cant contact your office. I was assured i would have the money in my account today. Can you please let me know whats going on?

When i withdraw money from my Bendigo Smart Start Super Fund on hardship grounds the tax that was taken from the withdrawal has not been refunded. If you could please fix this so I can get the refund that would be great because I’m struggling with no money at the moment, if you need any more information please contact me on 0413269204. Thankyou Thomas Bebbington


I FORGOT to lodge my tax last year. I want to do it now. I have been working on ABN. I want to sort this out asap. Thank you.

I lodged my tax on the 1st of March and got an invoice email stating it would be transferred into my nominated bank account by the 16th of March am it’s not in and I’m wondering why that is

Just wanted to Know if you can help

Michael Mcateer

Scammers ,i paid $5000+ to get back $ 1400 wat a rip off

Michael Mcateer

Scammers ,i paid $5000+ to get back $ 1400 wat a rip offanf no recept





iI like to know how I can get tax return for permanent resident senior

I logded my tax a month ago and was sheduled for payment But nothing Came through.
People Beware.This people are Scammers!!!!Real big SCAMMERS!!

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