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Thank You

Thank you

Thank you for your confirmation. Your tax returns are being processed and your refund will be deposited in your account as soon as it’s available.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

Kind regards,

The Quick Tax Team.

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I’m really being honest when I say youse guys there take way too much of a fee for such a low tax return I believe it should be worked out off a percentage of how much the total lodgement amount ends up being.
Just so both youse and your client/clients can get the reasonable amount we deserve and therefore no one feels like they’ve been scammed or ripped off.
Think of this, say if someone was to have a hole heap of tax sitting there youse would take a heck load more than just say a $100 tax return so think it through and make the right decision and maybe think about setting a lower set fee and customers will be happy, because I know I’m not but can’t help it now so I’m just going to call my local tax office I go through BT and see if all checks out with what youse have said about my return and what I should be getting.

Thank heaps was really helpfull with the information that was explained to me

Hi there, do I need to scan the signed paper work? If so, whom do I send it to? Thank you 🙂

All staff really helpful. I couldn’t have done this without you.

I agree with Daniel – YOUR FEES ARE WAY TOO HIGH. Almost triple (what I already thought was expensive) what I paid for my tax return last FY. And at this time of year, there was almost nothing you guys had to do. Majority of my information was pre-filled from the ATO. I will not be returning!!

Hi quicktax. Maybe you should consider lowering your fees that way you will get more people, my tax return wasn’t that much but you still took over 20 percent of it. I will not be returning unfortunately.

Wow. Fee is wayyy tooooo high triple the amount than another firm. Never again.

Totally agree about the set amount of your tax services, total of 15mins on a phone call and seriously $420.00, over the top.

I am a bit dissapointed that I have to send all of my details through 3 time’s now after my tax return has already been done

Commendable – Good customer service, able to assist in tax lodgement quite efficiently

Disappointment – High Fees
As returning customer – in hope fees will be lower but in turn, was initially charged almost 3 times of what i was charged the previous years. Made a dispute and they were able to lower the fees but still higher than what was charged last year very disappointed …. …. elsewhere offers about $100 or lower sometimes.

Do ensure you charge a more reasonable fee to maintain your customer base.

Thanks anna the carton is on its way and me

You scammed me. By taking my details of my bank and then processing to take out my money. Then I lodged my tax with you about a month ago now and I haven’t recieved a cent. Plus your percentage taken out of that is beyond high. Then when I tried conatcting you on multiple occasions your phone is disconnected or there’s no one available. I’m bringing this up with ato and also putting in a complaint. What you and your team are doing is scamming and being dishonest.

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